Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week in Review--Zoo

-We had TWO sight words this week-- “what, where”.
-The CAFÉ strategy we worked on this week was the strategy.
“Story Elements”
Setting: The setting tells the reader where the story takes place. The setting can change throughout the story and it is important to notice this change and the impact it has on the story.
Characters: The characters in the story is the “who”. Sometimes characters are people, animals or other inanimate objects. Characters are vital to a story because they tell the reader who the story is about. We focus on learning everything we can about the characters feelings, attributes, how the character changes and events that happen to the character.
Events: The events of the story help keep the story moving along. We focus on what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story, as well as the main focus of the story.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

--After reading a story talk about the events in the story and put the in order from the beginning, middle to the end.
--To help your child with this strategy discuss each part of the story elements before reading the story and make a prediction about what might happen. Then compare your thoughts from before reading, after you read the story to see if your predictions were correct!

-We practiced showing numbers in different ways this week. We took one number each day and showed the number as dice, a number word, addition, subtraction, number bonds, tally marks, drew a picture and more!

-We added another writing piece to our exploring of various writing topics. We focused on writing stories this week. Mostly stories that used our imagination and creativity. Earlier in the school year, we told true stories with our writing where we told stories about our lives. This type of story has endless options. The students are encouraged to use their imagination to create fiction and nonfiction stories.
-We also used an app called POCKET ZOO to learn more about animals that are found in zoo's. Students picked one or two animals to listen and watch videos about and then wrote a response writing piece writing what they learned from the video. They loved it!

T-his week we focused all week on learning and sharing what we already know about zoo animals. We were so excited to go on our field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. On Monday we started off by talking about many animals we might see at the zoo and naming 1-2 facts about the animal and then continued on throughout the week focusing on three specific favorite zoo animals. We learned more about giraffes, lions and elephants. The zoo trip was exciting and fun! We saw so many animals and had a great time with our friends.

Practice at home:
Pick a number 1-12 and have your child show you how we complete the “Number of the Day” activity we have been doing to review our numbers and all of the ways to show the number.

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