Friday, September 24, 2010

Our surfer of the week...Ethan!

Duck race with water pumps! Who will win?

This video is of the main part of Exploration Acres.

What a fun day!

Picking out pumpkins!

Riding the tractor to pick out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch! They are so excited to find the perfect one.

Back from the pumpkin patch. We're tired!!

Enjoying the fun!

We got pumpkins!

In one side.....

And out the other! Nice job Kemari!

Tires and much fun!

On our way to pick some pumpkins! :)


Lunch time!

Taking a break from all the maze for a quick rest!

Mr. Sweet and Mrs. McIntosh made it through the maze!

This way to the corn maze! So many choices!
Let's hope nobody gets lost :).

We made it! We're loving the pile of hay and mini tractors!