Friday, May 13, 2011

Beehive Counting

Below we are performing our poem this week!

Irresistible Ladybugs!

We completed an activity today which showed the class how everyone can be different, but still special and unique in their own way. We answered questions about insects and created a ladybug. Each answer determined a specific color or design to the bug. In the end, we all had very different ladybugs! They all were ladybugs, but did not look the exact same as each other. We talked about how differences make us all very special!

Twin Day!

Today was twin day at school. Three of my student's asked me to be their twin today! We all wore our cheerleading camp shirts from the high school I coach, bows, poms and MHS face tattoos! We've had quite a fun day matching each other!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Number Work!

I introduced a new activity during number work today. We have been working on using the strategy to draw a picture to help solve addition and subtraction problems. The students take the dry erase board, marker and bag of numbers to their seat. They pull out one number and draw a shape that many times. Next, they put an addition sign and draw another number from the bag and draw that many shapes. They count on from the first number to the second and solve the addition problem!

CAFE Strategy

Today, I introduced a new CAFE strategy called "Skip the word and come back." I started with a lesson where I wrote three sentences on the board and hid a word in each sentence. I explained to the class that sometimes we are reading and try our strategies and still have difficulty figuring out the word. We practiced using the context clues from the sentence and took a few guesses as to what the missing word could be. After guessing a few possibilites, I revealed one letter of the word at a time. We discussed which one of our guesses would still work by knowing the first few letters. Below are pictures of the sentences covered up and revealed.

Fun w/ the Ipods!

Mystery Egg Day #4

Today, Addy brought in her item for the mystery egg.

Her three clues were:
  1. It sleeps in a barn.
  2. It has a tail.
  3. It eats grass.

The class took three guesses. The first was a horse, then a cow and finally a pig.

The mystery item was.......a horse! Thank you Addy =)!