Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We are 100 Days Smarter!

WHEEEEEEEEEE! We are 100 days smarter today! We had such an exciting day. It was filled with a fun entrance into our classroom, playing a "100 Things Would You Rather" game, attempting to write 100 words in our 100 Words Book from around the room, enjoying a 100 day snack shaped like the number 100, reading through a poem that had 100 letters in it, read a story about the 100th Day of School and talked about the "Author's Purpose" for writing that book, counted to 100, made a large bundle with our straws, put 100 gumballs in our gumball machine and sorted 10 different snacks by 10's onto our "100 Days Smarter" sorting snack page! Before we were able to eat our snack, we counted up and down to 100 by 10's and described observations we saw with the snacks. The class noticed shapes (both 2d and 3d shapes within the snacks), how they thought it looked like less than 100 pieces, how some pieces looked like it was more than others because some were small and some were big and the different colors of the snacks. They were excited when I finally gave them the "go ahead" to dig in!

Below are the pictures to go with each of these 100's day activities! We will continue with a few more activities tomorrow and Friday. There were so many ways to celebrate this special day, we weren't able to fit it all in one day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The 99th Day of School!

When I'm 99....
Today was our 99th day of school and to celebrate we reviewed what verbs were and then wrote them into a sentence describing something we would like to still be able to do when we are 99 years old! Some of the ideas were....When I am 99 years old I will still be able to "run, walk, skip, do the splits, play sports, sing, dance, hop, jump and read!" We then finished the writing assignment off by creating a picture of ourselves and the way we think we will look when we are 99 years old! The class had a good laugh with this did I!

Writing Review Mini-Lessons!

Since we have returned from winter break we have taken the first few weeks to review writing skills we taught during the first and second nine weeks. Last week we reviewed capital vs lower case letters and the importance of spacing between words and the letters inside of a word. I wrote two different morning messages this week. One had capital letters in words that should not be capitalized…thE, BRinG, LiBraRy…the class then corrected my mistakes. The other message I wrote two words right next to each other…canyou….and words split part…..w     e, i     s….and the students had to correct my spacing.

Monday, January 21, 2013

We Have a Dream!

To celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, we read stories, watched videos and shared our own dreams for the world and people around us. The students came up with some pretty amazing dreams today! A few of the wonderful dreams from my kindergarteners keep strangers away from kids, to help all sick people feel better, brothers and sisters to get along and for people to not call each other names. Such amazing dreams from the perspective of a five year old!