Friday, March 1, 2013

Fairy Tale Fun!

Once upon a time, a kindergarten class filled with ten princes and twelve princesses, studied fairy tales for an entire week. They learned a lot, wrote their own fairy tale and can retell the elements that are found in just about every fairy tale. This class worked so very hard that they earned their own magic wands by the end of the week. The wands however did not have any magic, until their fairy god teacher took some magic fairy dust and sprinkled it upon each child's wand to make it magical! The students in the class all lived happily ever after! THE END :)

Poem of the Week--The Elephant Goes Like this Like that!

President Tree Maps

At the end of our study last week over two very important presidents in history, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln we completed a tree map for both men. The class did an excellent job with this review activity in remembering many important facts about each former President! As we filled the forms on the ENO Board, each student filled one out as well!

Poem of the Week--My Little Sister

How long is Rapunzel's hair???

Going along with our Fairy Tales Unit this week, we completed a math measuring activity using cubes to measure various sizes of hair for Rapunzel. Each student was given five cubes and he/she had to use those cubes to measure hair to draw, cut out and glue to Rapunzel!