Friday, August 24, 2012

Poem 8/24!

Each week we have a poem that is introduced on Monday and practiced throughout the week both at school and home. At the end of the week, we have a chance to perform the poem in front of the class and cut/glue/illustrate the poem in our poetry journals. By the end of the year we will have an entire journal filled with every poem!

Read 2 Self

Throughout the past two weeks, the students have been practicing building their stamina with both reading and writing. We start off by first practicing the Daily 5 choice, Read to Self. As a class we hope to stay in our places, following the I-Chart expectations that we created together and see how long we can go without having to stop and return to group. Our entire school has been practicing building their stamina and this past week we had a stamina challenge to see which class was able to have the most stamina during Read to Self.

I-Charts...Read 2 Self & Work on Writing

When first beginning to introduce Daily 5, we create what is called an I-Chart together as a class. The chart has two sections to it. A section for what is expected of the students during that choice and what is expected of the teacher. After discussing and modeling several good and poor choices within the Daily 5 category being introduced, we complete the chart as a class. We hang these charts up in the classroom to refer back to throughout the year!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


The class used GEO boards to practice creating 2D shapes using a rubberband. They created many different sizes of squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons and even created a few shapes on their own! This activity will eventually be placed in our "Math by Myself" station during Daily 5 Math.