Friday, May 6, 2011

Sharing Time

Humpty Dumpty!

Our poem this week was Humpty Dumpty. We enjoyed reading a poem that most of us already knew. We picked out words that rhymed in the poem and discussed how sometimes rhyming words have the same ending, spelled with the same letters and sometimes the endings only sound the same but are not spelled the same.

Mystery Egg Day #4

William took our egg home last night and told us he and his family enjoyed reading the story. He brought it back this morning and read his three clues.

His three clues were:
  1. It can eat grass.
  2. It has a horn.
  3. It stomps its feet.

The mystery item was a rhinoceros! The class was able to guess it on the first try. Thank you William! =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing Time With Books!

We have made it through our entire class list for surfer of the week and have started to share books from our book boxes during sharing time. Today, I pulled three names out of the jar. Dietrich, Samuel and Joslynn shared one of their favorite books. They each read the book and showed the class the pictures. They did a great job reading and I can't wait to see more favorite books being read by each student!

Mystery Egg Day #3

Meredith brought our egg back today with a fun surprise inside.

Her three clues were:
  1. It has feathers.
  2. It has a big mouth.
  3. It swims.

It was a duck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Butterfly Life Cycle

Today we continued to learn about insects and bugs! We have read a lot of books about butterflies and their life cycle. We reviewed this concept by using different sizes of noodles and placing them in order according to the stage of life cycle it went with. The butterfly life cycle consisted of the egg, the caterpillar, the cocoon and the butterfly!

Mystery Egg Day #2!

Marlee brought our egg back today and had a special surprise inside for us.

Her three clues were:
  1. It starts with an S.
  2. It has a really long tongue.
  3. It sheds its skin.

The class took three guesses. They guessed a snake, lizard and spider.

It was a snake! Thank you Marlee =)!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today we read a story titled What is an Insect?. While reading the story we discussed what makes something an insect and why other creatures are not insects. After reading, we flipped back to the page that told us about the three body parts of an insect. We then completed an activity where we labeled the three body parts of an ant!

Egg Clues Day 1!

Today was our first day with our mystery egg activity. Ethan took our egg home last night, read the book with his family and completed the clues sheet.

His three clues were:
  1. It has 4 legs and a tail.
  2. It is green and brown.
  3. It has a shell. 

The mystery item was a turle! The class guessed his object on the first try today. Great job Ethan!

An Extraordinary Egg!

We have been learning about eggs and the many animals and insects that hatch out of them. Yesterday, I introduced a new take home activity where the chosen student gets to take our enormous egg, An Extraordinary Egg book by Leo Leoni and the clues sheet home with him/her. Their job as a family is to read the book together and find an object around the house to place inside the egg. They are to then write three clues describing the object. The next day, the student will read the clues to the class and the class will have three chances to guess what is in the egg. What an "egg"cellent project!