Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weather Books!

Today we made weather flip books for each of the different types of weather we have been reading and learning about. Each student wrote the different forms of weather on a different flap. When you flip the paper up, it reveals the picture of that specific weather! After completing our books, the class worked with a partner and read each part of their book, explained the pictures and shared what was their favorite type of weather.




CAFE Mini-Lesson on Characters!

During our first mini-lesson today, we discussed the strategy "Characters in a Story" that we have previously learned this year. Before reading the story The Rain Came Down we reviewed what makes a character a character and not just part of the setting or another aspect of the story. The students shared that the character can be a person, animal or even a object that talks and/or does something important in the story. The story we read was absolutely perfect to review this strategy because every page a new character was introduced and said or did something that continued on throughout the book. After a certain point, new characters were no longer introduced and they repeated each character by solving each problem along the way.

New Table Names!

This week we started our unit learning about the different types of weather. Above each of our tables is a different type of weather we are going to study.
Party Sunny/Partly Cloudy                             Snowy

       Rainy                                                       Cloudy

       Sunny                                                      Stormy