Friday, September 17, 2010

We read a story about a little red house, with no doors, no windows and a star inside of it. When we cut our apples in half there was a star inside! Every single student had a magical apple! Yum!

Math and play stations.....

Digging for numbers in the sandbox!

Tracing numbers and shapes with skateboards!

A-B patterns with cubes!
Math and Play Stations!
Digging for numbers!

Puzzle time!

A-B patterns!

Shape and number tracing with skateboards!
We are reading this week's poem in our poetry journals. They were excited to use their googly eyes to read the poem. We also went back to poems in the past few weeks and read them!

Performing this week's poem!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily 5/Literacy Stations!!

Using wikki stix to trace names.

Big Book Station!

Reading the poem together. They also can take the sight words out and find where they go!

Putting our classmate's names under the number that matches how many letters they have in their name!

Writing station with Mrs. Shriner!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jordan is our "Surfer of the Week". He brought something special from home in to share with the class.

Using our fingerprints, we placed apples onto an apple tree we made all by ourselves today.

We used fall themed pictures to create patterns today. We are currently working on A-B patterns and a few A-B-C patterns.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This week's theme is all about Apples! This afternoon we used red, green and yellow apples to make our own graphs. The students were put into groups of two and used paper apples to graph on their papers. They did a great job for just starting to learn about graphing!

Literacy Stations

Wikki Stix and student's names!

Poetry station....writing the missing words!

Writing station!

Pocket Chart station...counting the number of letters in classmates names and sorting!

Reading books during the small books station!
Literacy Stations!

Wikki Stix

Writing Station

Poetry station...reading this week's poem!

Poetry station....reading last week's poem!

Filling in the missing words to this week's poem! They are always sight words.
Our assistant principal Ms. Higgins came into our class to read us a story. It was a great story about how everyone has a bucket above their head and you want to keep the bucket full and to be kind to others, when someone is mean or you are mean to someone your bucket starts to drip the water out. Being kind means you get water back in your bucket!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The students made "googly eyes" last week and were very excited to get to use them today when reading our sight word story. They decorated and glued a googly eye on a popsicle stick and are using it to touch read words and sentences as we read whole group and/or reading individually at their seats.