Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today we worked in groups with a "group leader". The group leader was in charge of picking the spot in the room where his/her group would work, pick up the math tub and decide with their group if they would make one big pattern together or if they would make individual patterns. I called out a pattern and the group made the pattern. After a few minutes the groups read their patterns to the other groups. We worked on ABC, AB and AAB patterns. They loved having a group leader and feeling in charge of something! Below are pictures of the groups working on an ABC pattern.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We read the story Little Polar Bear this afternoon. Using our CAFE strategy "listen with understanding" the class did a great job comprehending the events of the story. After reading, they cut out pictures from the story and placed them in order what happened first through last. The class did a great job practicing this CAFE strategy.

Daily 5 stations today!

We had a guest reader from 2nd grade today. Kori did a fantastic job reading to our class! She read the book Chickerella. The story was a fun twist to the classic story Cinderella!