Friday, October 4, 2013

Apple Week!

Apple week was a success! We examined our apples and came up with words to describe the way they looked and felt. We also read about Johnny Appleseed and made our very own apple tree with Johnny’s help and placed 10 apples on the tree! To finish the week off we had an apple tasting with the different colors of apples, applesauce, apple pie, caramel apples and apple juice! Thank you to all of the families who donated items for our apple tasting. Be sure to have your child show you their tasting page to see which items they liked and which ones they did not.

(Insert child's name) picked 10 apples with Johnny Appleseed!

Week in Review!


-Our sight word this week was the word “we”.

-We practiced the reading strategies “Name the Characters” in a story. When we read, we often recognize common elements of a story that include plot, character, setting, and theme. We use these elements to help us infer what will happen next. As readers, when we identify and understand these elements, we store this information to help us remember and comprehend what the story is about. Literary elements work together to form the story and make it interesting. We learn literary elements separately, but we combine them when reading to give us a better understanding of the story. It is important that children specifically look for these elements as they first learn them. It is through  exposure and practice that readers become good at using these elements to comprehend text.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

--When reading a story with your child, discuss the
character. Begin by asking your child who or what the story is about.


-This week we continued to practice number recognition 1-20, counting and naming and describing the 2D shapes.

-The red math folders were sent home on Wednesday. The math pages inside are beginning of the year math activities that are to be completed with your help/guidance. Return this folder before or by the last school day in October. I will send the next round of math activities to be completed at home the following month.


-We introduced our specific writing goals this week. Each child knows all of the areas of writing we have introduced and are practicing but each student has a specific goal on the board that he/she is to focus on when they are writing. The goal is a writing strategy that will help them progress in their writing and become better writers!

Poem of the Week--We Can

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Monday, September 30, 2013


One of our new fun Friday activities is to play the game WHAMMY! We have started off by putting Popsicle sticks with each of the letters A-Z written on them. We go around the circle and students take a turn to pull a stick out of the red cup. They say the sound the letter makes on their stick, if they get the letter correct they get to keep the stick! The object of the game is to have the most sticks at the end, however there is one stick in the cup that says "WHAMMY". If a student pulls that stick out he/she has to put all of the sticks back into the cup! It gets quite hilarious as the anticipation builds to see who will get the WHAMMY stick!

Number Recognition & Counting 1-10!

Today we practiced our numbers 1-10 by using our floor number line. The first part of the lesson each student had a chance to take a bean bag and toss it on the correct number that was called out. The second part of the lesson, each student had a chance to walk the number line and count out loud the numbers as he/she stepped on them! We are having fun learning our numbers!