Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who Stole the Cookies?

Our poem this week was "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar". We laughed everytime we put a new person's name in the pocket chart. For our final performance, we chose our principal Ms. Higgins to be who we think stole the cookies! We may never know who in fact did steal those cookies....=).

Field Trip to Clowes Hall

We went on our spring field trip to Clowes Hall on Butler University's campus this week. We saw a play based off the book Charlotte's Web. The class was very excited to travel to Indianapolis, see a college campus, eat a picnic outside and watch a play in a large auditorium! We had such a good time and loved how silly the pig, Wilbur was in the play. We also liked when Wilbur was running around the stage and the farmer was chasing him. The rat, Templeton was very funny and he wanted to eat all of the food. He said going to the fair was going to be a "rat's paradise". We had so much fun!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Promises

In honor of Earth Day we wrote sentences about ways we plan to help keep our Earth safe, healthy and clean. We completed a writing activity using the sentence "My Earth Day promise is to _____." After we wrote out sentence, we used green and blue paint to create our version of what we think a healthy Earth would look like!

A few of the wonderful ideas on how even kindergarteners can help the Earth are written below.

My Earth Day promise...
  • to recycle.
  • to clean up trash.
  • to not litter.
  • to reuse things.
  • to walk places if they are close.
  • to plant flowers.

We have GROWN!

 We planted seeds into a small baggie filled with dirt a couple of weeks ago. We are excited to announce they have all sprouted many roots, a stem and a few leaves! We cannot believe how quickly they have grown and will get to take them home soon to continue to watch them grow for weeks to come.

CAFE Mini-Lesson...

One of our skills last week was to discuss the importance and the meaning of the three different types of punctuation that is found at the end of a sentence. We took sentences with missing punctuation at the end and read them out loud. We listened to ourselves as readers to decide what type of sentence it was. I called on students to place the punctuation they thought would fit perfectly at the end of the sentences. The class gave me a thumbs up if they agreed with the choice. If it did not sound quite right, we would try a different ending until we all came to agreement on the correct punctuation. We discussed how not only does knowing the types of endings help with writing, but when we are reading we can spot them at the end of the sentence to encourage good reading expression.

Recyclable Art Project!

One of our Earth Day projects was to practice one of the three R's by "reusing" an empty milk jug and turn it into a recyclable art project! We used 18 rinsed and cleaned milk jugs, with their lids and painted them with spring colors. I poked holes in each of the lids to create our own watering cans. The class is excited to use their watering cans to give back to the Earth even more by watering many different types of plants!