Friday, January 7, 2011

We LOVE our stuffed animals! My class earned their 10th surfboard by doing the right thing when coming in from recess. The recess teacher was checking on another class, and they went right to their seats and started reading books quietly without a teacher in the room! What a great compliment the recess teacher gave them to earn their 10th surfboard! I pulled "bring a stuffed animal to school day" out of the mystery envelope of prizes. Below is a couple of pictures of the whole class loving their stuffed animals and a few videos of the students sharing why their animal is special to them. What a fun day! :)


We made sponge painted snowflakes today to finish our reading, writing and learning all about snowflakes this week. Once these are no longer wet from the paint I will hang them in the hallway with our snowmen writing for all to enjoy!

Video taken of students sharing their snowman writing!

Video taken of students sharing their snowman writing!

One of our CAFE mini lessons today was working with our word families for the week "-ip" and "-it". We built words in both families using our BIG Zoo Phonics letter cards!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We read a BIG book Time For Kids today. It was all about snow! It was perfect for today because it started to snow right before lunch. Before we read the magazine, we made a list of things we already know about snow. We came up with eight great ideas! We then opened the magazine and read all about snow! After reading and discussing the many different things in the article, we went back to our original list. We went through and circled our ideas that were also found in the article. We counted that four of our ideas were in the article and four of them were not! The class seems to have a lot of fun in the snow and already knew all about it. A new vocabulary word that we learned was the word "blizzard".

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"My snowman and I would _______."
     If you had a snowman and you could do anything with him/her what would you do? My students completed a writing activity where they wrote a sentence saying what they would do and drew a picture. We shared our writings once everyone was finished. Those will be published in a later post!

We are back and well rested from our winter vacation from school! Today we got back into the swing of things with our Daily 5 stations. The class did such a great job getting into the routine that I was able to meet one on one with several students to work on reading and other skills. It's an exciting time here in kindergarten! The changes and growth from the first semester are going to start showing more and progress with reading and writing!

Word work sight word practice!

Practicing writing letters and words at the handwriting station!

Reading BIG books!

Working on writing!

Listening to a story on tape!

Reading the poem with/to a partner!

Word work station! Working with our sight words.