Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Play-Doh Numbers

This week is all about our letters and ABC fun! During our content time this week, we are having fun with our favorite 26 letters. Today, we took our letter cards and traced them using Play-doh. Practicing our letters in a different way only adds to the excitement of learning each and every one!

Substitute Award Winners!

I was out sick yesterday and the substitute chose 4 students as the "Substitute Award Winners" Way to go!!

Shaving Cream Letter Writing!

We have been practicing our handwriting of each of the letters of the alphabet everyday since school started. We took a break today and had a little fun by smearing shaving cream on our tables and writing the letters we have practiced in it. What messy fun!

Word Work Practice

We have our third choice for Daily 5 available to practice! We first started by modeling all of the aspects of Word Work and talked about the students jobs during this choice and then of course my job during Word Work. The first activity the class can choose for Word Work is to use the dry erase board and practice writing ABC's, sight words and classroom names. 

Shape Painting

To finish one of our first week's practicing the 2D shapes triangle, square, rectangle, circle and hexagon, we painted our shapes using our watercolor paints. We first started by tracing each shape and then coloring them in!