Friday, April 20, 2012

Math by Myself

In order to review ways to make ten and also other addition facts, I placed a new option during Math by Myself. This option has students using addition cards, a blank addition page and magnetic numbers to create and solve addition problems. The students are able to use the numbers as a number line on the pan if they need help in finding the answer. Hopefully by this time of the semester, most of these addition problems have been practiced enough the class is able to solve without the use of manipulatives.

Earth Day Reader's Theater

All week, we practiced a reader's theater in our classroom about Earth Day. We had the opportunity to perform our poem for a few other classes here at Mayflower. We hope our performance encourages others to help protect our Earth from harm!

Favorite Characters!

We read several of books written by Eric Carle and chose to draw our favorite character from one of his books. We watched a couple of videos that showed us how Eric Carle illustrates his books and were inspired to create our illustrations large and with a lot of detail!

Guest Reader....Mr. Z!

Our gym teacher, Mr. Z. came and read to our class. We were excited because he was such a good reader and his story was about a gym teacher! Thank you for coming Mr. Z!

Poem 4-20-2012

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Purdue Block 4 Students

Thursday was our Purdue students last day in our classroom. We enjoyed having them here every Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help us during Daily 5/CAFE time. We will miss them and wish them luck with their future classrooms!

They brought each of us a super sweet pencil. We were excited because it was already sharpened and ready to use! Thank you Miss A. and Miss P.!