Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week in Review--LAST WEEK!

WHEW! We did it!

We finished our kindergarten year and what a fun year it was. The last week is full of days that are not the same and rarely follow a specific routine. I hope your child enjoyed his/her last week of school...here's our week breakdown!


We started off by showing our families how smart we are by singing songs, counting to 100 and more during our Kindergarten Graduation Program. We learned so many things that we could not possibly put them all in our program, but we hope you enjoyed what we were able to share!

Graduation Video "When I Grow Up I Want to Be...."


 In the afternoon we celebrated with our very first experience with field day! We were paired up with a friend from class and students from each of the other grades and had a fifth grade team captain. We went around with our team to different games and had an entire afternoon of gym!


Today started off "normal" as well! We read books from our December and February baskets today and practiced writing letters, lists and books of our own during writing time. We also received our own classroom awards and boogied down the runway to receive the award. So much fun! In the afternoon we went over the MHS soccer field and cheered on the teachers and fifth graders when they played their annual kickball game. They did a great job!

We took pictures of ourselves and the class gave three compliments to describe each student in our classroom during our community circle!

Posing with our Classroom Awards!
Dancing to receive our Classroom Awards!


Today started off as somewhat of a "normal" day. We read books with partners and got to pick what basket of books from the school year we read through. We chose August and September books! It was fun to read through our alphabet, beginning kindergarten and apples and pumpkin books! In the afternoon we went to the cafeteria and watched students and teachers from our school show off their talents in the Talent Show!

Outside enjoying "X-tra" Recess for X-day!

We took the "Running Man Challenge" today and ran away with it! :)


By the end the week we were realizing our time together was almost over and worked on cleaning out our book boxes, writing journals, name tags and more. We have enjoyed learning together so very much and we couldn't believe it was coming to an end. In the afternoon, we went to the cafeteria once again for the end of the year awards program.

We will miss our Read to Succeed volunteer Miss Shelly!

Our favorite 5th grade helper Miss Tori getting big hugs before she is off to middle school!

Yummy end of the year treats from Drew and his mom!


I will miss each and every one of my sweet students but I know they are more than ready to move forward to first grade and I thank each of you for being the #1 role model and cheerleader in your child's education. They will do big things and I am thankful I was able to be part of their journey in life.