Classroom Resources

Kindergarten Report Card Testing

1st Nine Weeks

  • lowercase letter sounds
  • lowercase letter names
  • identify the opposite of a given word
  • counts number of syllables in a word
  •  Follow print from left to right and top to bottom
  • Recognizing sight words
  • Identifies the front cover, back cover, and title page
  • Identifies character in a story
  • Stays engaged in read-alouds
Handwriting: Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
Personal Development/Practical Skills:
  • Understands and follow 1 and 2 step spoken directions
  • Speaks clearly and is easily understood
  •  Counts to 25
  • Recognizing numbers 0-20
  • Describes the positions of objects using positional terms such as:
    • above
    • below
    • beside
    • in front of
    • behind
    • next to
    • Recognizing and sorts objects by color
    • Recognizing and sorts objects by shape
  • Counts sets of objects 0-20
  • Identifies AND describes:
    • square
    • circle
    • triangle
    • rectangle
    • hexagon
2nd Nine Weeks

  • uppercase letter sounds
  • uppercase letter names
  • Recognize all first semester sight words
  • Says rhyming words in response to oral prompt
  • Blend CVC words aloud to make words
  • Segment CVC words aloud to tell sounds
  • Identifies letters from words and words from sentences
  • Defines the roles of the author and illustrator
  •  Relates personal experience to a story
  • Identifies the setting
  •  Recognize and name ending punctuation
  • Tells a story that the teacher or other person can write
  • Draw pictures and writes words for a specific reason
  • Write phonetically spelled words and CVC words
  • Capitalize the first word in a sentence
  •  Counts to 50
  • Writes numbers 0-20
  • Fluently add within 5
  • sort by size
  • identify and describe
    • cube
    • cylinder
    • cone
    • sphere 
  • Draw 2d shapes
    • square
    • circle
    • triangle
    • rectangle
    • hexagon

3rd Nine Weeks

  • recognize sight words
  • add or sub. individual sounds in one-syllable words to make new words
  • identify main topic
  • retells and identifies familiar stories using key details
  • with prompting and support, identify author's purpose

  • no new just retesting of previous

  • Counts to 75
  • Count by 10’s to 100 ( 4 if can do it 1 if can’t)
  • Fluently subtract within 5
  • compare objects based on length and weight
  • compose and decompose number 11-19 into 10’s and 1’s
  • identify greater than, less than, and equal to using sets of objects
  • count forward, beginning from a given number within a known sequence
4th Nine Weeks

  • Compare and contrast within the same text as well as 2 different texts
  • Sight words
  • long vowels
  • Produce various types of writing, including opinion pieces, informative pieces, and pieces included linked events
  • Counts to 100
  • For any number 1-9 find the number that makes ten when added to the given number
  • Solve addition word problems
  • Solve subtraction word problems
  • Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs in more than one way

Levels of Student Mastery
100%-90%   A/4   Mastery  
89%-80%       B/3    Approaching Mastery
79%-70%    C/2    Developing Mastery
69%-60%    D/1    Needs Time to Master
59%-0%      F/1    Needs Time to Master