Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boots and Mittens Day! To go along with our story The Mitten, we brought in our boots and mittens for a math lesson. We thought of different ways to group/sort our boots and mittens and counted which group had more and less. We also discussed what a pair meant. Some of the ideas the class came up with was to sort the boots by height, shoe laces/no laces, color light/dark and camouflage and not camouflage. For the mittens we sorted them by light/dark, big/small, gloves/mittens. They did great!

Writing our missing sight word of the week "on" on our poem with a partner. After writing the word, they read the poem to each other and read the poem using different voices! There were mouse, monster, fish, whisper and many other voices around the room!

This week is all about boots and mittens! We read the story The Mitten by Jan Brett. Our first activity was to imagine if we had a mitten that could be as big as we wanted it to be, what would be inside of it. "My mitten is so big that a ___________ could fit inside." So many creative kids in my classroom!