Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire Safety and Math

During math today I put a few subjects together as one. We first completed a class writing about fire safety and wrote some of the important things we learned this week. We then talked about shapes that we could use to make our very own fire truck. We came up with a rectangle for the body, a square for the front, circles for the tires, triangles for the lights, another rectangle for the ladder and a hexagon for the window. We put those shapes together and included a few additional details on the truck and we were finished!

Weekly Poem 10/14

This weeks' poem was titled Little Snail. We learned how snails move very slow and are also very slimy. We watched several videos about snails and how saw how slow and slimy they really are. At the very end of the poem we emphasized the last line. "The snail is sooooooooooooo sloooooooooow!"

Below is one of the videos we watched about a specific type of tree snail that lives in Hawaii.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly Reader Fire Safety

We are learning about fire safety this week. Today, we read our Weekly Reader all about being smart about fire safety. Inside the article, we read to remember to always check our smoke alarms, not to play with matches, lighters or candles, near or around the oven and to stay low and go when crawling out of our house if there is smoke or a fire inside. We also practiced stopping, dropping and rolling if we ever catch on fire. The back page of our magazine showed an example of a kitchen. We placed magnets on the picture of objects that we should not touch or play with. I put several copies of the magazine in our classroom bookstore to be available for students to check out for their book boxes. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fire Prevention Show!

We are studying Fire Prevention this week in our class. Today, we went to the Fire Prevention Show that is held at Jeff High School every October. The local Lafayette Fire Department puts this free show on for school aged children and their families. Below is a short video with several cut parts from the show. The students learned about staying away from retention ponds, buckling up in the car, to never play with matches, dial 9-1-1 in an emergency, the fire safety crawl to their bedroom door/window, to not be afraid of fire fighters if they come to save them and to stop drop and roll! We had a fun morning at the show and will continue to talk about fire safety this week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Doughnut Day!

Last Friday, the class earned their 10th surfboard on "Our Hang 10 Goal". When we earn the 10th surfboard I pull a prize out of the mystery bag. There are several prizes in the bag such as cookie day, bring a stuffed animal to school day, extra recess, extra gym, eat lunch outside, drink out of a silly straw, doughnut day and their favorite a trip to Disney World, which is conveniently a different type of paper so it does not get accidentally pulled :). The prize I pulled out was "Doughnut Day". Today, when the class came in, they had two doughnuts sitting at their seats. What a fun way to start off our Monday!