Friday, April 5, 2013

PEP...Let's Get Moving!

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Plant or Not a Plant?

During one of our mini-lessons this week during Daily 5 we took pictures of different things and sorted them according to whether they were a plant or not a plant. We first discussed what would make an object a plant and what would not. Each student was given a picture and they turned and discussed with a partner if they thought it was a plant or not a plant and why. Then each student came up and placed their picture in the correct place and told the class why it was put where they put it.

All About Plants!

This week we learned about the lifecycle of plants, gardening and tools needed to help plants grow. We are watching our own bean plants sprout in the hallway, discovered the different parts of a plant and put similiar looking pieces under the correct flap on the paper and then finally labeled our own sunflower plants. What a fun week of learning about science!

Checking in on Daily 5 Math

A few new options during Daily 5 Math were introduced this week. During number work the task is to write a number 1-20 and next to it include the drawing of how many tens and ones the number has. We also have a few Math with Someone games where students draw cards and put them in number order 1-10 and another game where they test their memory while also practicing addition and matching!

Poem of the Week--Overdues

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Living vs Nonliving

During our morning meeting activity this morning we completed a lesson on sorting groups of pictures into living things and nonliving things. The pictures were of a tree, umbrella, car, dog, lamp, baby, fish and a snowman. We first talked about what makes something a living thing and what makes something nonliving. The only real picture that caused the class to second guess themselves was the picture of the tree. When we discussed what a living thing is, one of the things we said was that it can move on its own. After discussing that the tree starts off as a seed and grows on its own, plus the fact that it needs water and sun to grow, we came to the conclusion that it is also a living thing!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Word Search Wednesday

For our "A"ccuracy mini-lesson today we searched through a word search for words in our word family "-ame" this week. I only chose five words to search for and the class did a great job! This was our first time doing this type of activity. I plan to do this every Wednesday as our "Word Search Wednesday" activity.