Friday, May 20, 2011

Young Illustrators!

We illustrated summer scenes drinking lemonade or our final poem of the year!


Today we read/performed our final poem for the year. This poem was perfect because it had to do with drinking a lemonade in the summer's heat in the shade! We are all very excited about summer and are very proud of how we each have improved in reading this year!

Mystery Egg!

Paiten brought the mystery egg back to us again!

Her three clues were:
  1. It can sing.
  2. It is soft.
  3. It has a big mouth. was a "singamagiger"!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fish Writing!

We have been learning about ocean life this week. Today, we wrote two sentences about a fish after reading the story Not Norman. The story was about a little boy who wanted a pet that he could run, climb and play with. His parents bought him a goldfish. At first, the little boy wanted to trade his goldfish Norman back in for a different pet. In the end, he found out how special Norman really is to have. We put ourselves in the shoes of the character from the book and wrote two sentences about how special our pet fish is.

Mother's Day Coupon Flower!

I was late posting my Mother's Day crafts because I did not want any of my student's mothers to see their presents before their child gave it to them. Below is a bouquet of flowers with coupons written on the stems!

Mother's Day!

We made personalized stationary for Mother's Day. The stationary has a picture of the child and it says "From the parents of...." right before the picture.

What a day!

Mystery Egg Day 5!

Erik brought in our mystery egg today!

His three clues were:

  1. It flies.
  2. It has feathers.
  3. It's small.


An owl and an eagle!

Mystery Egg Day 6!

Samuel brought in our mystery egg today.

His three clues were:

  1. It's long.
  2. It's brown.
  3. It smells.

...It was a stick!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Green Tractor!

Cooper and Marlee sang the song "Big Green Tractor" today during our talent show. They did a great job! =)

Talent Show!

The teachers and 5th graders performed a surprise flash mob during today's talent show. They performed the dance to the Black Eyed Peas hit song "I Gotta Feeling". 

Mystery Egg!

Emily enjoyed reading the story with her family!

Her three clues were:
  1. It's brown.
  2. It eats meat.
  3. It lives on ice. was a polar bear!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mystery Egg!

Lily brought our mystery egg  back to us today!

Her three clues were:
  1. It is round.
  2. It is shiny.
  3. It bounces. was a bouncy ball!