Friday, February 24, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Log Cabins

We learned about our presidents past and present this week. One of the past presidents we learned about was Abraham Lincoln. We learned a lot of interesting facts about him. We learned that he grew up in a log cabin, loved to read books, wore a top hat, freed the slaves and his face is on the penny! On Friday, we created our very own pretzel log cabins in honor of President Abraham Lincoln.

The Elephant

This week we worked on our voice when reading our poem. We discussed the different words in the poem that were important and would need to be emphasized by the reader, so the listener knows they are important. Below are the words to the poem with the important words we decided to emphasize when reading.

The elephant goes like this, like that.
He's terribly big,
And he's terribly fat.
He has no fingers,
He has no toes,
But godness gracious,
What a nose!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

ABC's of Ag Day at MHS!

This morning, we went over to McCutcheon High School for a field trip. We went to see farm animals. Some of the animals we saw were puppies, horses, llamas, rabbits, sheep, a pig, a donkey, a cow, a turkey and baby chicks. Not only did we get to see farm animals but we also made a craft barn with stickers and we took corn and tomato seeds and planted them in our own flower pots of dirt. Before we left we ate cookies and drank milk! It was really fun!

This blog entry was written by Mrs. Brown's kindergarten class.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shared Writing

A few weeks ago we talked about ways to write a story. We used the words first, next, then, now and finally to put a story together telling the reader how to build a snowman. We created the story together as one example of how a writer writes.

Another way we talked about how a writer writes is by making a list. A writer does not always have to compose complete sentences to get his/her idea across. We decided to look around our room for objects that resemble a shape we have learned about in math. We labeled our list into four categories, circles/spheres, squares/cubes, rectangles and triangles/cones. The class walked about the room searching for things that reminded them of one of these shapes. Upon their return, we put the items in an organized list on our chart.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Writing Journals

We have been filling up many, many pages in our individual writing journals this year. We took time one morning last week to go back and look through all of our writings since the beginning of the year. We spread throughout the room and found a piece where we thought we did our absolute best writing and illustration. Each student took turns and sat in the author’s chair and shared the piece of writing. Things we were looking for was capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, meatball spaces in between words, sight words and words we did not know spelled correctly and/or stretched out to hear the sounds, writing on the lines and punctuation at the end.