Friday, November 12, 2010

Surfer of the week, Joslynn, brought in her puppies to share with the class!

Having fun in gym class!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wed, 10 Nov

Students at poetry station practicing word by word matching. We have been talking about word by word matching during CAFE mini lessons and it is on our CAFE board.

Wed, 10 Nov

Video of two of my students working on cvc words during word work station.

Practicing handwriting at the handwriting station!

Sharing a book with one another and practicing retelling a familiar story!

Reading at Big Books! This student is practicing retelling a familiar story.

Practicing our long a and o sounds at pocket chart station!

Working with  mixed up sight words!

Building the "-at" and "-ap" families at word work station.

Practicing word by word matching at poetry station.

Word by word matching!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids say the funniest things....

Every once in awhile one of my students will say something that is just too funny to not share. In fact, this story was told to me by our art teacher Mrs. Perry. This morning she was supervising the breakfast line in the cafeteria. She overheard a couple of my students practicing their colors in spanish. She chimed in with them and was telling them what a great job they were doing. One little boy in my class was so excited that he just had to tell Mrs. Perry something. He said "Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Perry!" She of course said "Yes....." He told her "I can say my sister's name in Spanish!" She said "You can? Let's hear it." Then my student goes on to say "Abby". It was just too cute to not share!
Today during a CAFE mini lesson we talked about a new skill, retell familiar stories. We practiced as a class with two books we know very well. During stations I saw several students practicing our new skill today!

J is for Joslynn! She is our surfer of the week and she brought in "J" coloring pages for the class to color during her sharing time.