Friday, May 30, 2014

Week in Review--LAST WEEK!

I cannot believe it is our last week in kindergarten this school year. I am also very sad that I was unable to be with my class these past four days, but I am happy they were able to keep smiles on their faces and enjoy them as much as possible. Below are a few videos and pictures that were given to me throughout the week from teachers and parents of my amazing class since I was unable to be there. 

I wanted to first post this picture of the class on the very first day of kindergarten in the fall. I planned on taking another one here on the last day, but of course plans had to change. I hope you enjoy looking back as much as I did!

On Tuesday, the class celebrated their kindergarten graduation. Below is a video slide show of pictures that were sent to me from parents who were there to take them. Thank you for sending those to me, I felt like I was there!

Since I wasn't able to be with my class this last week of school, I recorded a "Hello and Good-Bye" video for the sub to show them on the last day of school. I sure will miss this group next year, but I am excited for them to continue their learning into the first grade! 

Have a GREAT summer!