Friday, March 8, 2013

Goofing Around!

After reading allllll of the Dr. Seuss books we did this week, we picked three of our favorite characters and made photo props to become those characters in a photo opportunity with our books and our character friends. Whew...what a fun week we had! And the pictures turned out ADORABLE.

Truffala Trees, Yes Please!

To finish our study of the fabulous author Dr. Seuss this week, we made Truffala tree's using shaving cream, glue and paint. We first cut the grass and the tree trunk and glued them onto the pretty blue sky. Next came the best part, we got messy with our hands! I have two favorite quotes from this lesson...."Mrs. Brown, we get to use our hands?!?! Yayyyy!" and "What fun would it even be if we didn't get to use our hands?" These kids crack me up! I'm glad I was able to bring a little bit of messy joy to their lives today....first it was Justin Bieber and now messy painting. How will I ever top this week?

Poem--Come Skating

YouTube Video

Justin Bieber as a Mini-Lesson!

During our first Daily 5 mini-lesson this week we practiced the strategy "Visualize/Make a Mental Image" while listening to Justin Bieber read The Cat in the Hat. After a few minutes into the story we talked about what they were visualizing in their mind while listening to the story. I had not turned the ENO Board on, so they did not know who was reading the story and/or what the story looked like. They had wonderful explanations as to what they were visualizing. I then turned the board on and the class saw it was Justin Bieber. They were glued to the screen up until the very end!