Thursday, January 27, 2011

We learned all about penguins and polar bears for the last two weeks. Before reading the two books pictured below, the class answered three questions about each animal. They put their thumbs up if they thought the answer was yes and thumbs down if they thought it was no. While reading the story, we would come across the answers to our questions. We went back to the chart and checked to see if as a class, we got the answer correct! I then circled the correct answer in yellow. We learned interesting facts about both animals!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another activity for our 100th day of school involved our "100 day items" that each child brought in. Each child put ten items in each circle and glued them down. A few students thought they had extra items when they were finished, but when they went back to count each circle they found one or two circles with 8 or 9 items. It was a great lesson to teach counting and going back to check your work!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We were so excited about wearing our 100's day hats, that we decided that we needed to wear some glasses too! Below are picture of my student's wearing their shades! =)

100 Hershey Kisses! I hid 100 labeled by number Hershey Kisses around the classroom. The class was to search around the room and find all 100 of them. As they found one, they brought it over to the hundreds chart and matched the number written on bottom to its spot on the chart. What fun!

We enjoyed a 100's day snack today! I passed out one nutter butter and two oreos to each student. Their job was to make our special number using their cookies. They all did a great job and they tasted great too!

Today is our 100th day of school! As the students came in, they saw this paper on their desk. They were told to color the number 100 anyway they wanted! Several students colored using patterns and also wrote as many numbers as they could around the number 100!

We made a 100's day hat! The class cut and ordered the buses from 10 all the way to 100, counting by tens!

We read a 100's day poem! At the end of the poem, it asked us to count how many letters were in the rhyme. Before counting, I took a few guesses from the class and wrote them on the board. While we were counting, we would cross off one of the guesses if we got to that number and still had letters left. It turns out there were 100 letters in the rhyme!

Our 100's chart is all filled up! We will continue counting from by ones, two, fives and tens throughout the rest of the year. We will also continue adding to our straw count with bundles!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our surfer of the week Paiten! She brought in pictures to share with the class.

My 100 words book! Today is the start of our week of celebrating our 100th day of school. The actual 100th day is tomorrow (Tuesday 1/25/2011). There are many neat activities to go along with our special day, that we are going to celebrate all week long! Today we started with our 100 words book. The class was to pretend like news reporters and write a story on our room. There are ten boxes on each page and ten pages in the book. Each student is to find and/or think of words to fill in each of those blanks by looking around our room! By the end of the week, we will have a book full of 100 words!