Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sharing time

Addy wrote her own book at home and brought it in to share with the class. She did a great job matching her words to her illustrations. Her book was titled Addy's Book. Great job Addy!

Daily 5 Math in Action!

Surfer of the Week

Kemari brought in a book from the public library that he checked out to read. It was all about sharks! He checked out a couple of shark books. He went to the library with his mom. He told us he loves going to the library! :)

Read to Someone

This is a video of two of my students during read to someone. They are showing how they share a book, read the words, read the pictures and retell a familiar story. They both know how to read this book, but are going above and beyond by discussing what is happening on each page to check their understanding of the book. Not to mention they are quite comfortable laying down enjoying the fun of reading! =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Math by Myself

I introduced a new activity for math by myself. The students have a choice to use magnetic number pans with missing number cards. They pull a card out of the pile and fill in the blank for the missing number. For example, 5 ___ 7. They would put the magnetic number 6 in the blank. I have missing number card 1-20 for the students to practice. I will eventually add numbers in the 20’s, 30’s and so on.

Weather Books!

We made weather books today. We first wrote a different type of weather we have been studying on each flap of our book. After we wrote the words, we went back to our seats and drew a picture to go with each type of weather. I wish I could take pictures of each book because every student did such a great job with their writing and illustrations. I will post these in the hallway and send them home shortly after.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snack Time!

Ethan brought in pretzels that are made out of the letters of the alphabet and numbers. He spelled one of our sight words with his snack today! Great job Ethan! =)

Our weather graph!

This morning our weather was overcast again. We are hoping tomorrow is sunny. We want to fill in a different section of our graph.

Sneaky E!

We've been studying the sneaky/bossy letter E this week! The letter E tells the hard working vowel to "say his name and not his sound". We built many words using this strategy today and will continue working with it the rest of this week. The class is doing a great job finding words with the sneaky/bossy E in them and many students have been adding those same words to their writing journals!

Surfer of the Week!

Kemari brought a few of his favorite toys to share with the class! He showed us what makes each toy special to him.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weather Week!

For the next two weeks we will be studying weather. Below are pictures of each table group. We have a party cloudy or mostly sunny (depending on which side of the table you are), lightening, rain drop, sunny, snowy and cloudy tables. We are also marking the weather each day on our weather graph. We will see after the two week study which type of weather we had the most and least of.

Surfer of the Week

Kemari is our surfer of the week. He brought in pictures from when he was little to share with the class. He did a great job explaining each picture. He also brought two of his favorite toys!