Friday, October 22, 2010

This weeks poem, Little Snail! The class loved reading the whole poem, but escepcially the ending. They read it sooooooooooo sloooooooow! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We had some visitors from the farm at the end of the day! Our surfer of the week, Addy's dad came in with 3 week old baby pigs from their farm!

The pigs got loose from our circle and Addy had to go try and get it!

This pig decided to check out our listening center!
Spider writing! We have been learning all about spiders this week. The following is a few examples of things we have learned!

I see a spider on a boat.

I see a spider on a flower.

I see a spider on a fence.

I see a spider on a pony.

I see a spider on a horse.

I see a spider on a house.

I see a spider on a log.

I see a spider on a jeep.

I see a spider on a desert.

I see a spider on a truck.

I see a spider on a desert.

I see a spider on a motorcycle.

I see a spider on a desert.

I see a spider on a desert.

I see a spider on a table.
Video taken while practicing our "-at" family!

We started working on word families this week. Our first word family is the "-at" family. Today the students built their own words and asked their classmates what word they built. They are becomming such good readers!

Choice during word work! Two students are letter/word stamping and one is matching upper case and lower case letters with clothespins!

BIG book station. We added an easel to the station for another place to read the books!

Poetry station! The students are writing the missing sight words in our poem this week.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sharing time with our surfer of the week. Addy's mom came to read to the class! She read a book about pumpkins! We loved it because we are learning all about pumpkins! Addy also brought her trophies and pictures from soccer and t-ball!

Interactive Reading!

We read a story about spiders as a group today. After reading the story, we wrote our own sentences about spiders! The book was sent home today. I know that many of the students are excited to read the book at home!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Below are videos of the student's doing PEP. PEP is an activity designed to get our students moving! Our PE teacher creates a series of songs/exercises on a tape and we play them in our classroom. Here are two videos showing a piece of PEP.

Video from Literacy Stations 10-18-10

Our surfer of the week, Addyson! She brought sea shells, pictures of her family on a vacation to a beach and a spider from home b/c we are studying about spiders this week. :)

Word work station! One student chose magnetic pans/creating sight words and the other chose letter stamping! They were excited to choose their favorite activity to complete.

Word work station was "YOU PICK" this week. The students were able to choose what activity at word work they wanted to complete. In the picture below, two students chose letter stamp and one chose wikki stix!

BIG BOOK station!

Reading a book at big book station!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our student of the week Addyson! She brought in her baby dol and they had matching outfits!