Friday, January 11, 2013

Counting Tiger for Math with Someone

One of our Daily 5 Math choices at the beginning of the year is practicing counting with a partner. We call this activity "Counting Tiger". The students count back and forth with a partner using a stuffed animal. We start off by doing this activity as a whole group using a tiger, which gives it the name "Counting Tiger". They love practicing counting with their partner!

Penguin Patch

In order to help our students give back to their family and friends, we offer a Penguin Patch shop here at our school where they can bring in money from home and buy presenents for loved ones at a discounted price. I love seeing the student's excitement when they talk about who they are purchasing gifts for and finding that perfect gift!

Polar Express Fun!

We had a lot of fun during our Polar Express week. We worked with the book throughout the entire week and across all subjects! We ended the week with a Polar Express party and had some yummy snacks provided by a few of our families! What fun!

Writing Review!

The first few weeks back from winter break we are revisiting several key writing skills that were taught in the first semester. One of those skills is writing words phonetically. We took six different pictures and wrote what they were underneath. We stretched the words out as a class and individual students came up to the board and wrote the words using the sounds they hear when they stretch it out. We also talked about how the sounds have to be in the correct order... beginning, middle and ending sounds!

New Year's Resolutions

To kick off the second semester and the new year, we completed our own goals for 2013 to make ourselves better at one thing or another. Below are some of the examples of what the kids wrote. We had several want to help out at home more, eat healthier foods, do better in school and a lot that want to do better in a certain sport or activity! Let's hope we stick with our resolutions and make 2013 a GREAT year!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

What a wonderful first day back from winter break! The class came in all a buzz with many stories from the two weeks we had off from school. After having some time this morning to share those stories, we got busy right away with our Daily 5/CAFE work! Take a look below to see these hard working kindergarten students!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The craziness that was....our elf Jack!


Winter Party!

We had a blast on our final day of class before winter break having all types of fun with creativity in making ornaments, pictures and reindeer food! Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to help us with the party!

Parent Gifts!

This year for our parent gifts we made a snowman picture frame to set out both at Christmas time and can stay out for the winter season! We also took a picture to add to the frame, but the picture can be changed each year too! We sanded, painted and decorated the frames. We hope our families liked their present!