Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Name Practice

In order to keep students engaged and to use various tools when writing, the students practiced writing the letters in their names using water colors. They were able to use as many colors as they wanted for each of the letters in their name. The only requirement was that the first letter was of course capitalized and they wrote the letters using the correct formation we have practiced in class. They turned out GREAT! =)

Daily 5 Up & Moving!

We have worked our way through introducing all of the choices during Daily 5 time and are practicing our stamina with each choice. One of the favorites for the class is "Read to Someone". This is when they get a chance to sit and read books in their book boxes with a friend in class. They have practiced sitting "EEKK" with each other. EEKK means  to sit "elbow elbow knee knee". This way of sitting encourages the students to sit and share the books easily and without much disruption. Now that all of the choices have been introduced are up and running, it is time to get started on conferring one on one and working with strategy groups!