Thursday, January 17, 2013

Number Work!

Now that we have started a new semester, I have brought out new activities for Word Work and Number Work. Today, we introduced a new choice for Number Work. One of our Common Core State Standards is to "fluently add within 5" and another one is "for any number 1 through 9 find the number that makes ten when added to the given number". Using both of these skills, the students take a number bracelet and create addition sentences and number bonds with multiple ways to create the given number.

New to Daily 5/CAFE!

We have two new items to our Daily 5/CAFE time. My class feeds off of positive reinforcement, so I decided to expand that by posting an "I Caught You!" board right on our Daily 5 board that is filled with our anchor charts for each choice. Throughout the week, I take snapshots of kids I "catch" doing the right thing during their Daily 5 choice and post them on the "I Caught You!" board. When I add new pictures, I will take down the old and send them home for the student to share his/her picture with their family!

Something new during CAFE time is for me, but also effects my students as well. I have revamped my "bag-o-tricks" that I carry with me to each conference with students. My bag has a lot of activities to help a variety of skills. White board(s), markers, dice, beach ball with comprehension questions, sight words, CVC words and best of all leveled books! I reorganized my leveled books into an accordion file labeled by level. The file only has 6 sections so I am able to carry leveled books A-F. Once I have kids above a level F, then I will rework my folder again to accomodate the change in levels.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Word Work Water Painting

We have a new option at our word work choice! Students take the usual word options (sight words, class names, word families...), a paint brush, chalkboard, red cup and fill it to the line with water. They use all materials and "paint" words with the water. It dries quickly and they paint again!

Syllables Around the Room

We are learning all about syllables this week. Today each student found a spot in the room and either stood next to something or held an object in their hand. We went around the room, the student named the object and we clapped out the syllables! When we were finished, they asked to do it again!