Thursday, January 17, 2013

New to Daily 5/CAFE!

We have two new items to our Daily 5/CAFE time. My class feeds off of positive reinforcement, so I decided to expand that by posting an "I Caught You!" board right on our Daily 5 board that is filled with our anchor charts for each choice. Throughout the week, I take snapshots of kids I "catch" doing the right thing during their Daily 5 choice and post them on the "I Caught You!" board. When I add new pictures, I will take down the old and send them home for the student to share his/her picture with their family!

Something new during CAFE time is for me, but also effects my students as well. I have revamped my "bag-o-tricks" that I carry with me to each conference with students. My bag has a lot of activities to help a variety of skills. White board(s), markers, dice, beach ball with comprehension questions, sight words, CVC words and best of all leveled books! I reorganized my leveled books into an accordion file labeled by level. The file only has 6 sections so I am able to carry leveled books A-F. Once I have kids above a level F, then I will rework my folder again to accomodate the change in levels.

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