Monday, February 15, 2010

Check this link out! It's when I taught 2nd grade, two years ago. They performed "Go Cubs Go" at the Talent Show.....I'm thinking of a new one for my kindergarteners this year!

Here is one of our Valentine's activities that I turned into a bulletin board. We wrote a letter to our school asking them to "bee" our Valentine. During the months of February and March my school has a mail delivery system throughout the school. In Kindergarten, I use chart paper to introduce and practice letter writing before having the students complete a letter individually.

This is the problem solving station. Each week I record my voice on a cassette tape. I read various math problems and have the manipulatives available for my students to use to solve the problems. I usually go through each problem with the students on the tape to help them double check their work and how they solved to the problem. I then give the correct answer. They think it is exciting to hear my voice when they have the headphones on! This station is also used as my listening station during literacy stations.

This is the patterns station. Each week they have different items to turn into patterns! In the pocket charts, the students will find below average to challenging patterns to create using the manipulatives.

This is my graphing station. The students have a different set of items to graph each time they go to this station and after they graph, they are to ask themselves the questions the frog and bear have in the speech bubbles next to them.
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Here is one of my math stations....."Computation Station". I modeled my math stations after my literacy stations. My literacy stations are based off of Debbie Diller's book Literacy Work Stations: Making Centers Work.
This is my blog! I will be posting links and ideas from lessons and activities in my Kindergarten classroom! I hope it is found to be helpful!