Friday, November 2, 2012

Stop! Stop!

Our poem this week was called Red Means Stop. The new sight word "go" was in it!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Number Bonds!

One of our new activities for Math by Myself during Daily 5 Math is to practice different ways to make numbers 1-10. The student takes a chart that says "Ways to Make 10" (and other numbers) with two circles on it, a dry erase board, marker, eraser and 10 counters. They can choose any number 1-10 to work with. Once they pick their number, they count that many out and put them on the chart. Then by moving various amounts from circle to circle, they create different ways to make that number and write it on their dry erase board into a number bond.

All About the Characters!

During our first mini-lesson today we learned about characters in a story. We first talked about what we already knew about characters and most of the students only were familiar with characters in movies or television shows. After discussing what made those characters in movies, we realized characters are also found in books! We discussed how in order to consider a character they have to talk, move or do something important in the story. For example, a tree in the background is not a character unless it is talking in the story. We then read a Halloween story about Clifford and wrote down any characters we found while reading! Afterward, we discussed what made those people/animals characters.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spider Masks!

We have been learning about spiders! We wrote sentences about spiders this morning and created our own spider masks this afternoon. We were sure to add 8 legs to the mask! We will continue our study on spiders and bats the rest of the week.