Friday, March 18, 2011

Class Story

We practiced story writing this week. As a class, we completed a story map before beginning to write our very own story. Our map had six sections. The setting, characters, problem, goal, event and end. We brainstormed ideas and filled in our map. The rest of the week, we used our map to compose our very own story titled The Leprechaun on the Loose Two!. We talked about the sequence of events in the story and used our story map to guide us along the way. After our story was complete, we made our own leprechauns and a pot of gold!

Our class story:
One day on the farm a leprechaun was running around.The farmer was not happy because he was scaring the animals.The cow was eating and the leprechaun jumped on his head. Next, he chased the chicken away! The farmer's son had a great idea. He wanted to make a trap to catch the leprechaun.The kid decided to go milk the cow.While he was milking the cow, he moved the bucket.The leprechaun slipped on the milk and he slid into the trap. The little boy asked the leprechaun why he caused so much trouble. He said he was trying hide his pot of gold.The leprechaun said he will take the boy to the pot of gold, if he let's him go. He let him go and he took him to the pot of gold. THE END :)

All By Myself

Performing our poem of the week! After they perform, each student receives a sticker, Hershey kiss candy and a hug from me for a job well done! This week we focused on the "h brothers" that we found in our poem, as well as discussed things that we each can do all by ourselves. We have grown much more independent since the beginning of kindergarten!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ticket in the door!

I started a new activity today called "Ticket in the door!". Each student has a "ticket" on their desk when they come in the morning. There are different activities each morning and the student has to complete his/her ticket correctly to get the day started. The activities on the tickets will vary between all subject areas. Below is our first "ticket"! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Parade

Our school had a book parade today. Families and classes signed up to show off their favorite books in a parade! Very creative floats!

Daily 5 in Action!

This video is a classroom shot during my Daily 5 stations time. Students are actively working on one of the 5 stations read to self, read to someone, work on writing, word work or listening.  

This video shows two of my students during the station read to someone. They choose a book from one of their book boxes and read the book together. Each student reads the page he/she is holding.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Surfer of the Week

Lily is our surfer of the week and she brought in some of her favorite things to share with the class!

Class Book!

Working on our final draft of our illustrations for our student treasure class book!

Daily Five

Guest Reader

I just love when students I have had in the past come back to my classroom to read. Today, Takiyah came and read a Froggy book to our class. She did a great job! :)