Friday, October 1, 2010

During math stations this week I pulled small groups to work on number recognition, counting and one to one correspondence. The students picked a card out of a stack of mixed up cards. They had to tell me the number they picked out and then find it on the pan. After finding the number, they counted out that number of animals from the tub of manipulatives. Once the student finished counting, the group counted with him/her to double check they got the right amount while the student touch counted each animal. It was exciting to see each student suceed individually and have the other students cheering them on to do a great job!

Reading/performing this week's poem Come and Listen. Our sight word this week was the word "to". The word is in the poem two times. The students loved reading and writing this week's sight word!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Surfer of the Week Erik!

Hard working students at writing station this week. It was our last day to use the "September Words" poster. They did a great job writing their name and the word before drawing the picture! We are excited to see what words and pictures are on the October Words poster!

Work work station this week the students used the wikki sticks to trace our sight words.

Pocket chart station. The students were matching zoo phonics cards with the alphabet letters in the chart. Once they found the match they said the sound the letter makes.

Literacy stations this week....

Word work! The "must do" was wikki sticks with sight words this week!

Putting mixed up sight words in order in the pocket chart station.

Writing station!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shared writing lesson about fall. We practiced stretching words out to hear the sounds to write phonetically.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These are our tissue paper leaves! We wrote sentences using our sight words "I like ___ leaves." The students wrote the word "like" and what color word they chose. It was a fun interactive writing activity and we were able to enjoy an art project as well!

Video taken during word work station. The students were using wikki stix on their sight words. We've learned I, a, can, see, like, to so far for our sight words! We will continue adding a sight word each week.

Video taken during pocket chart station. The students were using the lower case zoo phonics cards and matching them to the letters in the pocket chart. When they found a match they said the sound the card makes. After all the letters were placed, they read through their ABC's and/or said the letter sounds!

Video during big book station. The students were using picture clues to tell their own story about the book!

Today we wrote "I Can" charts together during our CAFE mini lessons. The students helped me write the charts. I had them take ownership over the charts by choosing students to write the two sight words "I" and "Can". I then guided the students to think of sentences to add to our list of things they can do while at that particular station. While writing the ideas, I modeled phonetic writing and the students stretched the words out with me to hear the sounds. We will add "I Can" charts to the other stations in the next few days.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tissue paper leaves! We used starch and tissue paper to make our own favorite color of leaf. After they dry we are going to put them in the hallway next to sentences we wrote using our sight word "like" last week!

We had a visiting reader today from Mrs. Ahnert's 3rd grade class. Carleigh did a great job showing the class how a third grader reads! She read the book Arthur Gets Lost in the Museum!