Friday, November 30, 2012

Giving Back

During the month of November, Mayflower participated in a canned good food drive to help needy families in our community. Each class brought in donations and the classes with the largest number won a prize. We were very proud of our class, we filled two boxes of food for families in our community!

Gobble Up Word Families!

To celebrate the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving we made turkeys that gobbled up words we have been studying! To feed the turkey, I read a word and the students had to find that word and feed it (glue it) to the turkey! The words we used were from the "-at" and 
"-ot" word families. By the end of the lesson, the turkey was stuffed full of words, just like we will be on Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Fun!

When learning about the first Thanksgiving we found a lot of interesting facts about our friends the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. We completed a chart about chores the Pilgrims had to do, chores we have to do at our homes and chores we both have in common. We then wrote a sentence about those chores to go along with our Pilgrim craft.

We also learned a lot about our Native American friends. They taught the Pilgrims a lot of things when they arrived to the New World. We completed a chart together and wrote a sentence describing something they taught the Pilgrims!

Surfer of the Week--Autumn

Autumn was our Surfer of the Week. We enjoyed learning all about Autumn and her family. Her mother came in and showed us pictures from Autumn's baby book and read us a story written by one of their family friends!

Turkey & Reindeer!

This week we performed two poems! We had to perform our poem from last week because we ended up not having school the day before Thanksgiving and were not able to read our poem that day. Below are last week's poem and this week's poem!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parent University--Math

We had our second Parent University tonight. Parents K-5 came to the school tonight, enjoyed a family meal together and broke out into grade specific classrooms. In kindergarten, we talked to the parents first seperate from the students. We showed them all about how we run Daily 5 Math in our rooms. Below is the video we showed them that showcased a few mini-lessons and various activities in each of the three choices.

After the parents session, we went over to the classroom where the students had been working on identifying more and less with numbers up to 20, writing numbers and manipulating with number bonds. It was a great night for both the parents and the students to learn and share together!