Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week in Review-Mother's Day

**These posts are a few weeks late, as I was having trouble getting the photo's to upload. Enjoy!

We had a FANTASTIC week getting our Mother's Day gifts ready to give to those special ladies in our lives. We made a handprint flower vase with a poem on the front, personalized stationary from each student, a card, an envelope and took a picture telling our mother's just why we love them so very much. Each day, the student's put forth so much effort into making each piece extra special!

Our plants are growing!!

This week we focused on words with contractions. We discussed how words with contractions start off as two separate words and when they are squished together, one or two letters fly away and leave an apostrophe in their place. We practiced saying sentences with the two separate words and the word as a contraction. We went on a word hunt this week searching for a few of our favorite contractions!

This week we started to use a new app called "Showbie". This app is used to send the students specific assignments and once the student completes the assignment, they are able to send it back to me! One of our first assignments was using the Book Creator app. Students took pictures of each page from a book in their book box and then recorded themselves reading the book. Once they finished the book, they sent it to me in the Showbie app. I then am able to open the app and listen/read what they created. I send a response to each student by giving them feedback on their work! We have also created pictures and labeled them and next week will be recording videos of many different activities!

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