Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week in Review--Earth Day

-Our sight words this week were “was” and “by”.
-Our CAFÉ strategy this week was:
“Skip the Word and then Come Back”
This is one of the most important reading strategies we have learned all year. This strategy helps the reader allow themselves to skip over a word if they are struggling decoding the word. The strategy teaches the student to skip over a word and continue reading. When they reach the end of the sentence, they go back and decode the word using context clues they gathered while reading the rest of the sentence. More times than not, the rest of the sentence will help the reader gain knowledge to help decode the word.
How can you help with this strategy at home?
--When reading to your child, purposely skip a difficult word and continue reading. Have your child help you decode the word after finishing the sentence and going back to the word that was skipped.

--When your child is reading to you and they ask you what a word is, encourage them to skip the word and come back to it after finishing the sentence.
-This week we finished up our last writing unit on opinion writing. Throughout this unit we learned what an opinion is (we have a lot of opinions on a lot of topics), how to explain our opinion in various ways, how to support our opinion with valid reasons and examples and then to finish up by restating our opinion. We learned how to write a book or movie review and that we can write an opinion on just about anything! We focused on writing by using other topic sentences than using “I like”. We took our final post-test on Wednesday and each student has shown incredible amounts of progress when it comes to writing an opinion piece.
-This week we reviewed subtraction focusing on numbers below five, counting on from a given number and 3D shapes. We have learned all of our kindergarten math skills and will continue to review these skills throughout the next couple of weeks.
-This week we celebrated our love for our home, Earth. We talked about ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle both at school and home. We were proud of ourselves for already realizing we do many of these things without even realizing it. We recycle paper, reduce waste by using both sides of the paper and reuse containers and other items over and over again. We talked about saving water by turning it off while brushing teeth and to try really hard to not waste food at meal times. We learned that the Earth is mostly made up of water and then land masses. We created many crafts and projects to go along with our special week.
Find ways that your family helps keep our Earth healthy and clean and talk about ways you can do more to help reduce, reuse and recycle!










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