Friday, March 13, 2015

Week in Review--Weather

Poem of the week!
We LOVE our brain breaks and dancing and moving to One Direction is one of our favorites!


-This week we used our iPads to help in our writing. On Monday, each student gave me 1-2 topics they would want to learn more about. I found videos on those topics and pushed them to their iPads using an app called “JuniorTube”. This app allows children to view videos from YouTube ad and commercial free, as well as removing suggested videos after watching a video. The students then watched their video and after they wrote a response to their video with new knowledge learned. I was so excited to watch them, the pencils would not stop.

-This week we put new choices in our Daily 3 Math stations. We have a new game called “Smash It” where students create Play-Doh balls according to the subtraction problem card and they smash down the number they are supposed to subtract. They LOVED this! We also started new math apps this week. Students are practicing filling a ten frame, creating number pieces and writing and solving subtraction problems.


-Our sight words this week were “put” and “here”.

-Our CAFÉ strategy this week was:

“Author’s Purpose” 

This strategy focuses on teaching students there are different reasons why an author writes a story or any type of writing material that people read. The three main reasons we focus on are to entertain, persuade and to give information. The two that most of our books focus on is to entertain and information. We either are laughing while reading books and/or learning something!

--When reading a story with your child, ask him/her why they think the author wrote the story and have him/her give reasons to back up their choice.

--When watching television, ask your child why authors wrote certain commercials. Sometimes they make us laugh along with trying to persuade us to buy something or teach us about the product.

--Have your child write something at home and either have them make you laugh, teach you about something or persuade you to buy them or get them something!
--We also used our iPads this week to go on a QR sight word hunt around the room! During morning work time, the students who have iPads that day get to use them and complete various tasks/apps. This week we focused on finding QR codes around the room, clicking them and writing down the words we found!
--We used our iPads during a  Daily 5 mini-lesson by illustrating what type of weather we pictured in our mind when hearing a story before getting to see the pictures in the book!

--We introduced a new Work on Writing paper where the students respond to a story they have read in their book box by writing the title and something that happened in the story along with illustrating the picture. We practiced as a class with a book we read earlier in the week that had our new vocabulary words in it!

-This week was week one of two weeks all about weather. We focused this week on naming different types of weather, illustrating them, reading about them and finishing the week off by reading a silly fiction story called Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. A lot of the students had seen the movie before, but we enjoyed reading both the original book and the sequel Pickles to Pittsburgh. We completed our own sentence by finishing “Cloudy with a chance of _______.” Each student filled in a type of food they would want to fall from the sky and then they cut the sentence apart, put it in order and illustrated a drawing to go along with it.

Next week:

In writing, we will be learning what an opinion writing is and how we are able to write out opinion about sometime.

In math, we will be working with continue working with subtraction and tens/ones.
In reading, we will focus on characters feelings and how they change throughout a story.
Our theme for next week is all about WEATHER!

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