Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week in Review--Dr. Seuss Week!

Poem of the Week!


-Our sight words this week were “he” and “no”.

-Our CAFÉ strategy this week was:

Recognize and Explain Cause and Effect Relationships


This strategy focuses on teaching students to recognize a cause and effect relationship in a story and why the two pieces are related.  We talked about many times in real life where they might see or come across this type of relationship and how they are important for an author to use in a story to keep the story going and also sometimes to provide a problem and a solution for the characters to come across.


--When reading a story with your child point out any situations in the story that could not or would not happen if something did not happen before, in order for it to be in the book.


--Change a piece or two of a cause and effect relationship you come across and decide how changing it would affect the outcome of the story.


--Find situations around your house where you can create or experience a cause and effect relationship!


-This week in writing we completed our Unit 3 on Information Text. The students took their posttest writing sample on Wednesday and have improved so much from the beginning of the unit. I am impressed to see how many wonderful sentences the class is able to write and the detail in their illustrations and writing! Information writing focuses on teaching someone something by telling facts about the topic.

-Next week, we will begin to discuss how to write an opinion about a topic and will use our iPads during writing time!


-This week we looked through our math tubs for Daily 3 Math and reviewed what the activities were. We will be changing out the choices next week and putting in new ones!

-We reviewed our Number of the Day and practiced addition and subtraction problems with our number of the day.

-We will be reviewing and practicing new apps on our iPads soon!
-This week was all about Dr. Seuss and focusing in on several of his most famous books. We loved getting to read his books because they were full of silly tongue twisters, rhyming and goofy illustrations! Some of our favorites from the week was Yertle the Turtle, The Lorax, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Horton Hears a Who, Butter Battle and of course Cat in the Hat! We completed several activities to go along with the stories. We voted on whether we liked our buttered bread right side up or upside down, shared compliments with our friends using a Horton puppet and created a turtle stack!


Next week:

In writing, we will be using our iPads to learn about a chosen topic and write our opinion on it!

In math, we will be working with subtraction and number bonds!
In reading, we will focus on story elements and infer/predict.
Our theme for the next two weeks is all about WEATHER!
**I have had a great first week back in the classroom! Seeing all of the children’s smiling faces and big hugs has been wonderful! We will have a great last nine weeks of kindergarten!

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