Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week in Review--100th Day of School


-Our sight words this week were the words “go” and “for”! 

-Please remember to practice your sight word flashcards each day as part of your homework.

-We worked this week on rhyming words and practiced in our word work Daily café rotation

-We had 1 new word families this week  -am and practiced our word families (CVC words) when we played Whammy during Daily cafe

-We  learned about making predictions when we read.  They might not be right, but they must be logical.

-The CAFÉ strategies we worked on this week were


“Rhyming words”

How can you help your child with the strategies at home?
1. Stop periodically as you read with your child at home.  Talk about what you think might happen next in the story.  Does the prediction make sense with what is happening in the book?  Keep reading to see if your prediction was correct.

2. Practice rhyming words with your child.  This can be a tricky skill at first.  Seeing the word can help with rhyming too.  Our work with word families has focused on chunking letters and changing the beginning sound.   Make some simple word cards and have your child match the rhyming words.  Read and practice the cards together.


-This week in writing we reviewed how to stretch out words to hear the sounds

-We learned about transition words:  first, next, then, last

-We chose a topic for our “How to” book and talked it out with a partner

-We made a plan for our own “How to” book.

-We had teacher conferences with Mrs. Stevens to go over our plans for our books
-In math we learned “The Story of 10”
-We matched numbers 1-100 on our Hershey kiss scavenger hunt
-We worked on counting by 5s
-We worked on counting on from a given number
-We worked on one more, one less of a given number
-We worked on greater than and less than
-This week our theme was 100 days of kindergarten
-We read a great rhyming book for Day 100
- We made books with 100 words
-We thought about what we would be doing when we were 100
-We did several math activities with numbers 1-100
-We had a special Day 100 snack

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