Monday, December 15, 2014

Week in Review--Grinch Week!

Poem of the Week!


-Our sight words this week were the words “did” and “on”! 

-Please remember to practice your sight word flashcards each day as part of your homework.

-We worked this week on the word family –op.  We generated words that belong in the –op family.  There were a lot!

-We also worked on sounding out CVC words- specifically the vowel sounds

-We  reviewed comparing and contrasting characters from stories

-We practiced answering questions about text using How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

-The CAFÉ strategies we worked on this week were

“Compare and Contrast”

“Answering Questions about Text”

How can you help your child with the strategies at home?
1. Talk about characters in stories you read together.  How are they the same?  How are they different?  How is the character like themselves?  How is the character different?

2. Ask your child questions about the books you read together. Basic recall questions will help your child with story elements.  Who is the main character? Where did the story take place? 


-This week in writing we focused middle sounds in words

-We reviewed the vowels and their sounds 

-We worked on adding the middle vowel sound to CVC words

-We told a personal experience story by adding the final word to each sentence and the ending punctuation.

-We also added some new words to our word wall!


-In math reviewed addition and strategies to solve addition problems

-We used shapes to make a picture and then drew what we had created.

-We worked on comparing numbers to identify which one was larger

-We used iPads in math for the first time this week!


These students moved up one or more levels in the reading program Raz-Kids that they can complete and practice both in class and at home!

Congratulations to the students who made it to the November Homework Club lunch celebration!


-This week our theme was Christmas.

-We read several holiday stories.

-We made ornaments on Tuesday with parent volunteers.

-We celebrated Grinch Day on Friday with many reading and writing activities.

Next week:
--Our theme next week will continue to be Christmas

--In writing we will be making a new 3 page book

--In math, we will be reviewing number writing

--In reading, we will focus on making inferences and supporting with evidence

--Thursday is Polar Express Day!!!   Wear pajamas to school.  Be ready for lots of fun!

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