Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week in Review--Polar Animals

Poem of the Week!


-Our sight words this week were the words “find” and “this”! 

-Please remember to practice your sight word flashcards each day as part of your homework.

-We worked this week on the H brothers (th, wh, sh, ch, ph)

-We reviewed sounding out words and word families.  Then we started practicing words that rhyme

-We  practiced stopping while we were reading to check for understanding

-We talked about prior knowledge- what we already know about a topic

 -The CAFÉ strategies we worked on this week were

“Check for Understanding”

“Prior Knowledge”

How can you help your child with the strategies at home?
1. Stop periodically as you read with your child.  Ask questions about the book and the characters.  Ask questions like “Why do you think the character did that?”  “What choice did the character make in the story?  Was it a good choice?  Why?”

2. Talk about topics.  Ask your child to tell you 3-5 things they know about the topic.  Read a book or get on Pebble Go to learn some new information.


-This week in writing we talked about writing to give information

-We reviewed the vowels and their sounds 

-We worked on adding the middle vowel sound to CVC words

-We told a personal experience story by adding the final word to each sentence and the ending punctuation.

-We also added some new words to our word wall!

-We made a chart about polar bears and used the ideas to write about our polar bear pals


-This week our theme was snow and polar animals

-We talked about our prior knowledge about snow and then read a book to see if our facts were in there

- We read an informational text about polar animals and made a web

-We made a chart about polar bears and added more information to it from Pebble Go

-We made polar bear pals


Congratulations to the students who won awards at the 2nd quarter award assembly Friday morning.


-In math we reviewed sorting by color and shape and then went on to sort by size

-We worked on comparing numbers to identify which one was larger

-We worked on counting on from a given number

-Reviewed patterns and made an A, A, B, B pattern during calendar time

--The teachers were shown a really cool, informational website before winter break called Pebble Go.  We used it this week to learn more about polar bears.
 --A paper was sent home on Friday that had the login and password for all Mayflower Mill families.  You can use this at home and it will even read to your kindergartener!  Check it out.
Next week:
--Our theme next week will continue to be polar animals
--In writing we will be making a class “How To” book
--In math, we will begin “The Story of 6-10”
--In reading, we will focus on author’s purpose

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