Monday, November 17, 2014

Week in Review--Bats

Poem of the week!


-Our sight words this week was the word “what” and “you”! 

-Please remember to practice your sight word flashcards each day as part of your homework. Students will be tested on the sight words again before the end of 2nd quarter.

-We worked this week on the word family –at.  We generated words that belong in the –at family.  We talked about how the words in the family all rhyme.

-We also worked on blending parts of a word (onset/rhyme) together to help us get ready for word families.

-We talked about visualization and practiced finding parts of our read aloud that we could picture in our heads

 -The CAFÉ strategies we worked on this week were

“Making a mental image”


How can you help your child with the strategies at home?

1. Talk about places in your books where the author uses words to help the reader make a picture in their head.

2. Practice rhyming words.  Ask your child to produce a rhyming word for a word you give them.

3. Quiz your child to see if they can tell you what the words character, setting, author, and illustrator mean.


-This week in writing we focused on adding details to our pictures.

- We also talked about publishing our work and chose a piece from our journals to hang up

-We talked about editing and looking for mistake in our writing. 

-We worked on capitalization and punctuation in writing.

-We reviewed setting and introduced a new writing activity that focuses on the setting


-In math this week we extended our knowledge of different ways to make the numbers 1 through 5 using number bonds and number bracelets

-We changed our number combinations into addition problems

-We introduced a new “Math by Myself” activity- sorting by shape (2D)

-We learned a new math game Number War that then went into “Math with Someone”  This game allows us to practice number recognition using numbers, numbers in word form, tally, marks, ten frames, and items in a set

-We practiced recognizing numbers 1-25 using flashcards each time we lined up to go to specials.


-This week we talked more about nocturnal animals, this week the subject was bats

-We reviewed sequencing with a story about a bat

-We made a KWL chart about bats-  What we KNOW, what we WANT TO KNOW, what we LEARNED

-We compared and contrasted bats and owls using a Venn diagram

-We made bats that had the facts we learned on each wing.


-Our ipads continue to be a great tool for our Daily Café time!  A new app was introduced this week that allows students to practice writing letters and reviews letter sounds. Did you know students can work on the Raz Kids reading program at home?

-We celebrated good behavior in grades K-5 for the past month with an hour of fun going through the Boot Camp Challenge obstacle course. The students who had 85% or higher good behavior for the past month were able to go to the celebration and had a blast climbing, jumping and racing!

Next week:
--In writing we will be working on how to make piece of writing easy to read:  handwriting and word spacing.

--In math, we will introduce ways to solve addition problems: flash cards, manipulatives, number lines.

--In reading, we will focus on responding to questions about stories and review sequencing.

--Our theme next week will be Pilgrims and Native Americans.

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