Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week in Review--Thanksgiving!

Poem of the Week!


-This week in writing we practiced editing sentences. We checked for capital letters at the beginning of the sentence.  We checked for punctuation at  the end of the sentence.

-We talked about 3 kinds of punctuation: period, exclamation p9oint, and question mark

-We reviewed how to make our writing easy to read.

-We made a list of the things we are thankful for by saying the word slowly and listening for all of the sounds.

-We had a teacher conference to review our lists and make sure all of the sounds we heard were written down.

-We used our lists to make a turkey that shows what we are thankful for



-In math this week we worked on writing the numbers from 0 to 20.  You will receive the practice page we did in class, so you can see which numbers you child needs to practice.  This is a 2nd quarter skill and will be tested before break.

-All students received take home addition flashcards.  Please practice your flashcards at home to build up addition fluency.
-There were no sight words this week.  Your child received “Lightning Words” as part of their homework for the short week.  Hopefully, they practiced the words 3 times. 
-We reviewed the word families “-at” and “-ot” this week.
-We continued working on putting letter sounds together to make CVC words.
-We talked about story elements with our Thanksgiving books: characters, setting, and plot (beginning, middle, end)
-The CAFÉ strategies we worked on this week were
“Story Elements”
“Relating a Book to Yourself”
How can you help your child with the strategies at home?
1. Keep talking about the story elements as you share stories at home.
2. Ask you child how the book you read reminds them of his/herself.  Connecting to text will help with comprehension
-This week we talked more about the first Thanksgiving.
-We finished our Pilgrim and Native American craft.
-We celebrated the awards out turkeys won.
-We made an “What am I Thankful For??” turkey.

Next week:
In writing we will be talking about what gets a capital letter and introduce a new writing checklist.
In math, we will be practicing writing numbers from 0 to 20 and drawing 2D shapes.
In reading, we will focus on summarizing and comparing and contrasting different gingerbread stories.
Our theme next week will be gingerbread.

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