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Week in Review--Weather Week One


In reading this week, we focused on one specific literary element…”How Characters Change in a Story”. Literary elements work together to form and enhance the story. We learn literary elements separately, and then combine them in our mind for better understanding of the story. We learned that sometimes a character or characters change in a story. After reading stories this week we discussed how the characters behavior, attitude, beliefs and more can change in a story. It was fun to discuss the actual differences from the beginning, middle to the end of the story!

To kick off our learning of this week’s word families we watched a video that had us reading and learning new words that end with the -ide and -ice sounds. We built words in both families and to review both word families we watched a Google Slide that showed a picture that fit one of the of the word families and then wrote the word on our iPad. The next slide showed how to spell the word and we checked our answers. It was so much fun! We love doing this activity!

Our vocabulary words this week went with the book Storm is Coming  We loved learning all about the words stampede, silent, pasture, huddle, guard, nodded. We reviewed our vocabulary words by acting them out. Can you guess which picture goes with which word? PS two of them are not pictured, they got deleted before the post! :)

Our new sight words: your, out

**Be sure to keep the white sight word cards from week to week and continue to practice all of them as new ones are sent home every week.

Our Poem of the Week:

iPad Fun:

  • Telestory: We went back to one of our favorite new apps this week to practice being a meteorologist and share the daily weather report. We used this app to pretend we were actually on the news and sharing the weather, we even learned how to change the picture to show radar like a real news cast!
  • Starfall Learn to Read:: We loved this app so much last week, we just had to practice with it again. So many opportunities with this app to practice different word pairs!
  • Reading Eggs/QR Books: Third round all students completed lessons in Reading Eggs and/or listened to stories on “tape” using QR codes inside picture books.

**If you do not see your child's on here and you would like to see his/her weather report, send me a message and I will send you the link to view it!

  • Book Creator: This week students used the app Book Creator on their own by adding a journal entry of the activity number of the day! We have been doing number of the day as a whole class since the first week of school and they are now experts and are able to do this on their own! They rolled a dice to find their number, wrote the number, the number word, drew the dice, tally marks, number of shapes and number line! They finished the activity by recording their voice explaining their thinking and what they did with the number of the day.
  • Rocket Math: We practiced with a new math app this week that had students practice their addition and subtraction facts. The best part was, the problems were mixed up! They had to pay attention to the symbols to see if they should add or subtract.


Writer’s Workshop this week, we began our new writing unit this week on Opinion Writing. We started off the week by giving our opinion on several different topics. We learned that an opinion is something that we believe and our opinion is not something that has to be changed. We might have different opinions than other people and that is okay! We continued through the week by learning how to set up an opinion writing using a favorite cookie, the OREO as an example. We are learning that we always start with writing our Opinion, then giving a Reason, an Example or a fact and finishing by restating our Opinion. I am excited to watch the class take off on this new writing skill!


Math this week we learned all about the vocabulary term sum. We learned that the sum of an addition problem is the answer! We also practiced ways to make 10 this week and knowing that the sum is always 10 but that there are several different ways to get there. It is our goal to be able to know these ways by heart and not have to use our fingers or math tools to solve. We will continue practicing next week!


This week was all about Weather!
  • Monday--We brainstormed a Popplet all about weather and things we know about it.
  • Tuesday--We began a weather flip book!
  • Wednesday--We finished our weather flip book! We then used our flip book to share our favorite type of weather the next morning using the app Recap.
  • Thursday--We learned about different types of clouds and labeled them!
  • Friday--We took a little break from weather and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We completed a writing about if we were a leprechaun where would we choose to hide our pot of gold? We also, painted a leprechaun beard with a fork to make it look extra scratchy! We went on a hunt around our room to find a “pot of gold” or in our case Skittles that a sneaky leprechaun left for us! We also almost caught the leprechaun when Mrs. Brown was holding a coin that he dropped in our classroom, his hand popped up and grabbed the coin and he was gone! We never saw where he went, but we sure were close to catching him! We finished the day by enjoying a yummy ice cream treat, topped off with Lucky Charms!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL):
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This week’s SEL focus was learning about TEAMWORK. We began the week by reading the story Mini-O-Saur. This story was about a little dinosaur who was not the best at sharing and started to lose friends because of it. He watched as the other kids played with one another and he felt sad he wasn’t part of the group. He learned that using teamwork and sharing made him happier and part of the group again! We continued on the week by learning that sometimes when you are working with others, you might not all agree. We talked and practiced ways to disagree nicely. We finished the week up by learning ways to be a good sport whenever we lose. We know that we can’t always win at every single thing we do and it is important to be a good sport when we don’t win.

A few discussion questions to talk with your child at home about this topic:
-What is something you can say or do if you lose?
-How can you disagree nicely with a friend?
-What would it feel like to not be part of a team you would really want to join? How could you solve that problem?

Have your child practice ways to make 10!

Next Week:
  • In reading we will focus on “Problem and Solution”
  • In writing we will continue working on Opinion Writing
  • In math we will continue to work on ways to make the number ten
  • Our theme next week is all about WEATHER, week TWO!

Important Dates/Information:
**Go to our classroom webpage if you want to see important dates on a calendar! I will update this classroom calendar as dates and events come about.

  • 3/20- 2:00pm Awards Program
  • 3/27-3/31--Spring Break NO SCHOOL
  • Do you know of any incoming kindergarteners for next school year? Round-up is scheduled for April 12th from 6-7PM! Help us spread the word!

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