Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week in Review--Last Week!

We had a fantastic last week in kindergarten!

We started off the week with our kindergarten graduation and the wonder walk for the March of Dimes.

Kindergarten graduation:

Graduation went off perfectly! Each class performs songs, a poem and chanted out a word! We watched a video where each kindergarten student told us what they wanted to be when they grow up. The video can be seen below. I am so incredibly proud of all of the success both academically and behaviorally the class has shown this school year. I am jealous of the first grade teachers get to have them next year!

Wonder walk for the March of Dimes:

In honor of sick babies and two special babies from the Mayflower Mill family we raised money and walked around the school in honor of those sick babies. Several students in our class donated money to the organization. I am very proud of all of the students and being able to recognize the need and giving to others.

We continued our last week of school fun by having our "movie matinee" end-of-the-year party, as well as our last behavior celebration. Our behavior celebration was testing our strength and speed going through an inflatable obstacle course. We enjoyed food and sweet treats while watching the movie Big Hero 6 for our end-of-the-year celebration.

To finish off our week we had an awards program in our classroom to celebrate the end of kindergarten and moving on to first grade! Each student received a special award specific for them as well as the kids who earned homework club all year long. We had a lot of fun dancing our way down the blue carpet to celebrate each students achievement.

These are the kids who so graciously donated to the March of Dimes!

There was some learning of course going on this week as well! We took a few lessons that we did not have time for during our Ocean unit last week and completed them this week. We love all of the books in the series where an old lady swallows random things and then burps them out in the end. After reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell, we took pictures from the story and retold as a class and with a partner. The students enjoyed putting each of the pieces in the pocket (her belly) and then having them all burp out in the end!

Showing off our end of the year awards!
Everybody dance now!

At the school awards show, the teachers and staff surprised the audience by performing a dance to Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. Every year the teachers/staff do a performance during the Talent Show and did not do one this year. Instead, they showed off their moves on the last day of school! Enjoy!


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