Monday, November 3, 2014

Week in Review--Spiders & Halloween!

Poem of the week!


-Our sight words this week was the word “come” and “me”! 

-Please remember that from this point forward your child will have two new sight words each week.  That means there will be two sight word pages for homework.  However, there will still only be sight word book.

-We did some word work this week in class that you can practice at home as well.  When given 3 words, we picked out the 2 that rhyme.  When given 2 words we listened to see if they had the same beginning sound or the same ending sound. 

-The CAFÉ strategies we worked on this week were

“Retell a story including the character”

“Analyze and evaluate a story character”

How can you help your child with the strategies at home?

1. Encourage your child to retell you a story including the characters—focus on the beginning, middle, and end

2. While reading together, stop and discuss the story character(s).  How are they feeling? Do they change throughout the story or stay the same?


-This week in writing we labeled objects around the classroom to identify items we could write about in our journals

- We added the/a to those labels to help us when using those words in our writing (the flag, a chair, a computer)

-We continued to work on writing middle sounds in words by saying the words slowly like a turtle and stretching them out like a snake

-We received and practiced using a new writer’s checklist this week.  The checklist will help us remember to do all the steps of writing on each of our journal pages.


-In math this week we reviewed our 2D shapes and introduced 3D shapes.

-See if you can find some 3D shapes around your house: sphere, cube, cylinder, and cone

-We counted the flat faces of each 3D shape and the corners.  Then we sorted pictures by 3D shape and added them to our chart.

-We reviewed 2D shapes and then worked with a partner to sort by shape

-We constructed shape monsters on Halloween using 2D shapes to build our creatures.


-This week was all about Halloween and spiders. We talked about our prior knowledge of spiders using the words: are, can, and have to chart our ideas. 

-Then we confirmed the things we thought we knew by using a nonfiction spider book and facts from the internet. 
-We read several Halloween books this week.  Skills we focused on using those books were the character’s actions, the character’s feelings, sounds in stories, rhyming words, and predicting.


-Our celebration was a huge success!  We had a great turn out for our special day.  Thank you to everyone who made time in the day to come be with us.  A special thank you to the parents who came and helped out run the stations and the parents who adopted a second kindergartener for the morning.

Next week:
--In writing, we will begin writing 3 page books that tell who, where, and what happened

--In math, we will begin to explore different ways to make the number 1-5 using addition with “The Story of…”

--In reading, we will focus comparing and contrasting characters in different books and two characters in the same book

--Our theme next week will be owls as we continue to explore and learn about nocturnal animals

--We will start using the iPads in class!!!

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