Friday, September 5, 2014

Week in Review--My Family

This week's poem was a fun one! We enjoyed reading along and imagining how silly it would be if we actually saw a dog eating a mop, a pig in a hurry or a cat in a flurry!


-Our sight word for the week was the word “the”

-The CAFÉ strategy we worked on this week was the strategy.

“Print Concepts”
-Identify the front/back cover of a book.
-Know where to begin reading.
-Know sentences and words are read LàR.
-When finished with the left page, move to the right.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?
  • When reading stories with your child, have your child find letters they know, match upper case and lower case letters found on the same page or count how many letters/words are on a page.
  • Have your child show you where to begin reading on a page, when finished with that page where to go next to continue reading and what about the page/sentence tells you that you are finished reading that page.
  • Discuss what punctuation does in a sentence. Use the vocabulary “period, question mark, exclamation point” when discussing the ending marks found after a complete sentence. Have your child find these in a story and talk about how they change the way you read that particular sentence.


-This week in math we continued to focus on our 2D shapes. We delve a little deeper her into talking about their number of sides and number of corners on each shape. We also created the shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows to represent the number of corners and sides. Another lesson this week was using various shapes to create a picture. We started off by using the shapes on a pre-made picture and then transition into using our imagination and creating our own picture using the shapes!


-In writing we continue to work on our letters of the alphabet. We will be finishing our hand writing letters by the end of next week. On Friday we got to practice our letters by using shaving cream on our desks and writing the letters in the alphabet. It was messy fun!

This year is beginning to really fly by! We said goodbye to August last week and I love to September this week. This week was focused on learning about our families. We enjoyed sharing the pictures that were sent in! Each student seem to smile ear to ear when it was their turn to share. There is no doubt their families have a huge impact on their happiness! We heard so many times how much they love each person in their family, it was so sweet.

We had our very first Parent University of the school year! Thank you to those families who took time out of their busy work week to come and enjoy an evening of learning more about your child's school and classroom. The focus this time was on behavior and how it is monitored both in and out of the classroom. We also discussed ways to help with behavior at home when it comes to getting homework completed and overall wiggles out when it is time to concentrate or calm down.

Have your child use various objects around the house to create different shapes and pictures. For example they could use utensils like forks and spoons to create a triangle, rectangle or even a square or hexagon!

Next week:
  • In writing, we will begin practicing a different letter of the alphabet each day! This will be our last week of individual letter practice.
  • In math, we will focus on showing various ways to make numbers 1-6!
  • In reading, we will continue with our three choices and will introduce Read to Someone as a fourth choice.
  • Our theme next week is “COLORS”. Mon-wear RED, Tues-wear BLUE, Wed-wear GREEN, Thurs-wear YELLOW, Fri-wear PURPLE.

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